The Story

Mr. Button, a gray teddy bear full of love and happiness, is struck with the understanding that the world is a dark and cruel place. As days went by, his heart slowly faded away until it was completely gone. He couldn’t bear the pain so he decided to escape reality and start a journey to find a rare liquid called “Trippy Juice”.

This liquid is known to unlock your deepest desires, but with desires, fears come attached. After a long journey through Fluff Land, Mr. Button finds the juice. He decides to drink it, but he didn’t know the juice was infected with creatures that immediately invade his mind. And just like that, the Fluffs are born.

FLUFF Genesis

This is FLUFF’s Genesis Collection of 261 unique NFTs minted on the Polygon Network.







0.3 eth




Lost Bear

Lost Bear is the prequel to our main collection: The Fluffs.

This collection consists of 3.5K NFTs to be minted in ETH Blockchain. Lost Bear will be distributed between 2.8K Bears and 700 Trippy Juices.

Trippy Juices will consist of 3 Tiers:


Top 50% Fluff


Top 10% Fluff​


1/1 Fluff

In order to manifest a Fluff, you will need to own at least 1 Bear. But, if you want to increase the rarity of your Fluff, you will need to combine a Bear with a Trippy Juice.

Trippy Juice Combinations

In order to get your Fluff, you have to burn the amount of Trippy Juice you use.

1 Bear

1 Rare

Top 50% Fluff

 1 Bear

1 Rare + 1 Epic

Top 10% Fluff

1 Bear

1 Legendary

1/1 Fluff


Enter The Void

After Lost Bear is minted out our main collection will be triggered.

The Fluffs is a 4K NFT Collection deployed in the ETH Blockchain.

First 100 Fluff Holders will receive a special animated NFT Collectible.

Tattoo Utilities will be revealed to our holders, including an All-Expense Paid Trip to Puerto Rico for a Full Tattoo Session with Carlos Ayala.

Development of Fluff Short-Film called “Beyond The Trip”. It will be our first step into mixing 2D animation and live-action cinematography.

More exclusive utilities will be revealed after Lost Bear is minted out.



Our third NFT drop will be a low supply 1/1 NFT Collection, where IRL art and digital art meet. This will be the integration of Carlos Ayala IRL fine art works and NFTs as a method to collect the artworks.

By consolidating new partnerships and growing our Fluff Creative Team, we’ll be on the path for creating what we call the Buttonverse; a creative universe that showcases new stories and artistic views where imagination and community is tied together.

The Team

Our team consists of creatives, artists and filmmakers, Web3 natives and enthusiasts that see the future of brand building through the use of NFTs as a storytelling and building tool.

Mr. Button

Founder & Artist)

Saint Fluffy

Co-Founder & Creative Director


Co-Founder & Discord Manager


Community Manager


 Lost Bear is the prequel to the main collection, Fluffs.

The official Fluff NFTs Discord:

We will NEVER message you first. We will NEVER ask for your password or seed phrase. We will NEVER request you to scan a QR code. We will NEVER invite you to join a group chat or server that isn’t linked to our website. We will NEVER have an unannounced pre-mint or mint. Every DM you receive is 99.9% a scam.



Lost Bear will be a FREE MINT Collection.

Lost Bear Mint Date is TBA

Whitelist will only be obtained through Community Engagement, Contests and Giveaways.

3,000 Whitelist Spots and 50 Golden Whitelist Spots

We are limiting the mint to 1 mint per transaction if you are whitelisted, and 4 nfts transaction for gold whitelist during the whitelist mint. In the public mint you can mint upto 5 nfts per transaction

Fluff NFTs will receive 10% of all secondary sales, which will be used to hire more full-time team members, fund operations, and deliver even more value to our community!

Mint FAQs

You can mint right from our website:

Make sure your on ETH mainnet, make sure you connected your wallet.  If on mobile do it inside of MetaMask browser.

This is a common MetaMask glitch that means 2 issues:

1.) You do not have enough ETH in your wallet to cover 0.088 ETH + max gas suggested by MetaMask (Although it won’t charge you this)

2.) You need to change gas from high -> medium suggested

Ensure that you are on the ETH Mainnet and not some other network in your MetaMask wallet, as we are an ETH based project and must be on the ETH mainnet to mint.

 If you are on mobile, try desktop. If that doesn’t work, then it may be related to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) blocking .io websites.  Please connect to your phone’s hotspot (or other networks) and then try again.

Contract Address: TBA

Official OpenSea: TBA

When you mint, it takes 3-5 minutes for your NFT to show up on OpenSea due to OpenSea not being updated in real time. Rest assured, if you minted and it’s on the Blockchain; the Blockchain never lies. Just have patience, it’ll show up. 

You need to log into OpenSea, click on your NFT and hit the “refresh MetaData.” Once complete, it should be revealed shortly after.